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Best DIY Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs – basic recipe

Salt bath bombs are an ideal present and they’re so easy to make that you can enjoy this special treat with every bath you take.

They have many names – salt bombs, bath bombs, bath fizzies or even shower bombs and showe fizzies. You just throw them in the water, they melt with that gentle fizz and fill your bath with natural salts, oils and beautiful scents. Moreover, if you need to make a last-minute present, these are ideal. You need just a few ingredients and they’re not expensive. Make a whole lot if you want and you’ll have a load of awesome cosmetic products to give to your friends or enjoy yourself.

This is a basic recipe that really works. These proportions give a mixture that isn’t too wet or too loose.

bath bombs

I recommend you not to make a huge batch. If you make smaller amounts at a time, it’ll be easier to combine everything properly and it won’t start drying before you finish making the bath fizzies. However, I have made batches from over 1 kg of ingredients and I managed so if you have to, don’t worry too much about it!

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This is for a very small batch, it’s ideal if you only want to try it. If you know you want to make a usual batch, you can double the amounts rightaway.

  • 60 g of baking soda
  • 42 g of citric acid
  • 10 g of coconut oil in liquid state (or almond or apricot oil)
  • 25 g of salt (Himalaya or Epsom, sometimes I do half-half)
  • mold (ball-like mold for homemade bath bombs or just an ice mold)

Optionally also:

  • coffee grinder if your salt or citric acid aren’t finely ground
  • mica powder for color
  • cosmetics fragrance or essential oil


Homemade bath bombs (fizzies) – basic recipe

Let me draw your attention to one thing before we start – the fizzies react with water, immediately. Even too humid air will start the reaction. So you need to work in a dry environment and your hands need to be dry. Also, make sure you have a dry place for the salt bombs to rest for several days.

Combining ingredients

Put all the basic ingredients in a bowl and combine properly, you can use your hand. Try to press some mixture in your hand and it should keep the shape. If it doesn’t, you need to continue combining the ingredients. It might seem that you need to add oil but believe me – you don’t.

Then add mica and scent if you want to and combine again. If you want several batches of different colors and fragrances, first split the mixture in different bowls. For the given amount 10 drops of fragrance are enough. As for mica, add it little by little until you reach the desired color.

I use ice mold for the shower and bath bombs, here are some of our favorite combinations:

  • strawberry mold: pink mica, strawberry fragrance
  • flower mold: pink and blue mica (= violet), lilac or violet or geranium fragrance
  • honeycomb mold: golden mica, caramel fragrance

Filling the mold, drying

You have to really press the mixture into the mold. Put some mixture in the mold, press, add more, press again and continue until the mold is full.

Let the molds rest for 24 hour then carefully take the bath bombs out and let them for another day or even two if you have the time.

Keep them in a dry place or in a glass jar.

bath bombs bath bombs


Throw a fizzie (or two or three…) in the water and watch it fizz away as you enjoy the beautiful scent and the effects if the salt.



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