No-sew tulle skirt

If you have a ballerina who’s in need of a new tutu but sewing is not your forte, I have a solution for you! I “knotted” this skirt for my black swan and luckily I documented it, too, so now you can make one for your prima ballerina.

If you want the exact skirt that I made, count on this fun being quite demanding on material (I used almost 120 m of tulle!) but it is fun! Use your imagination and combine the colors that your heart desires.

You’ll need (for a skirt for the circumference of about 56 cm and 52 cm long):


  • tulle, width 15 cm – approx. 120 m
  • satin ribbon – 110 cm
  • scissors
  • lighter

First use the lighter to melt the ends of the ribbon a little to prevent them from fraying. Do this at the very beginning, the tulle and the heat aren’t compatible and if you do this when the skirt is done, you could burn it. Then cut tulle stripes about 107 cm long (or any other length you need).


Fold the tulle in half.

Place the ribbon over the loop. You can start in any part of the ribbon but I find the center to be the best place to start.

Take the ends fold them over the ribbon and through the loop.

Tighten it. Now you’ve created a knot.

Place knots next to each other and as close to each other as you can. Stop knotting when your skirt has the desired circumference. And that’s actually all.

You can also try to work with two stripes of tulle placed on each other, then your knot will be wider.

What’s great about this skirt is that you can add or take off the tulle stripes any time – for example if you burn some of them because you didn’t listen to my advice and you decided to melt the edges of the ribbon after you’ve finished the skirt 😉

And in case you prefer to buy one of the two skirts below, you find them both here. There you can also find the hairband from the photos.

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  1. Heli says:

    Černá je elegantní v každém věku :-). Také mám ráda černou, nejsem ovšem moc na ruční práce. Obdivuji vás a závidím dcerám tak šikovnou maminku. Jedna dcera princeznou a druhá vílou.
    Já si minulý týden koupila černou volánovou sukni, ale princeznovská od maminky je princeznovská od maminky.

    1. Děkuji za pochvalu, nikdy není pozdě se začít učit, nevzdávejte to! Petra

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