Review: Picture on canvas

“Will we hang here forever?” asked Lily.
“Well, we probably will,” I answered quite convinced that we would.

Ok, one can never be quite sure about the word forever. However, I can imagine myself pointing my old wrinkled finger to the Saal Digital picture in perfect condition and showing my great-grandchildren what beautiful babies their grandmothers were while noone would tell that the picture was printed several decades ago. If you want to know why I decided to write this review and why I can highly recommend this company, keep on reading.

I had the chance to get a picture printed by Saal Digital, a German company specialized in photo products whose Czech website is I order photo and products made from phtoography quite often and I’ve tried lots of companies. Therefore, I wanted to know if this one could offer me something better. Unlike other companies which are well-established on the Czech market, Saal Digital is a bit more expensive and naturally I want more bang for the buck. What I got was a really loud bang, the quality is not only announced on their website but also very obvious.

This is why I’m convinced that I will continue purchasing products from Saal Digital:

  1. My dear husband is the IT type, not me. I need fool-proof and so called intuitive software. Saal Digital has its own software for designing the product, it’s easy to install and work with. You edit the picture in the software and then put it in the online shopping basket and upload into their system. The software comes also in Czech and you can have your picture ready in literally seconds. You can edit every aspect of the picture, add text or clip art and of course crop it.
  2. When you have kids you learn to be patient (or you get crazy, that’s another option) but I simply didn’t learn to like to wait. I wait for the kid to get dressed, I wait for the baby to be so kind and open its mouth for a spoonful of food….I just don’t want to wait for a long time to receive something that I’ve paid for. This canvas picture was delivered before I could say tidy-up-your-room-or-I-won’t-play-that-fairy-tale-for-you-for-a-seventh-time. I received the picture 2 workdays after I had sent my order and for a shipping cost equal to a normal shipping price within the Czech Republic. This was totally express shipping but in case of Saal Digital you can call it regular shipping time. The picture was wrapped so well I believe it would survive even if it had been treated by the carrier in the same way that Ace Ventura treated that parcel.
  3. The quality is the most important thing and I can say I got more than I expected. I chose a 40 x 50 cm canvas picture and used a high resolution photograph. The resulting picture is a true reproduction of the photograph, the colors are full and the details sharp. The canvas is firm and overall the picture looks like a high quality product which will be hanging on the wall 20 years later and still look like new (if I manage to keep it away from the merciless baby hands).

And there you have it black on white. If you want to invest into a high quality product which the next generations will inherit from you, I highly recommend Saal Digital.

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