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Gift wrapping: Easter bunny

Gift wrapping: Easter bunny

This year give away the Easter eggs with style!

I’ve made a tutorial to show you how to wrap and Easter egg or any other small gift you need wrapped really really cute. It’s easy enough for children to make and to practice their fine motor skills.

You will need:

  • A4 paper sheet
  • adhesive tape
  • glue
  • 40 cm of a fine cord or ribbon
  • cabochon – I used this one
  • scissors


Fold the edges of the paper so they meet in the center. You can fold the shorter or the longer side of your sheet, depending on whether you want your bunny to be rather wider or taller.

Join the folded edges with the tape.

Fold the lower edge about 3 cm up.

Now fold it as you see in the picture.

Fold the upper and lower edge of the folded bottom part so they meet in the center and join them with the tape.

Fold 1 cm of both long sides as you see in the picture – this will help you with the next step.

Unfold the upper edge, put your hand inside and unfold also the bottom. The long sides will have a fold in their center. Now you’ve made a paper bag.

Draw the bunny ears on the upper edge.

Cut the ears with the scissors.

Now is the time to place the egg or another gift inside.

Glue the ears together as you see in the picture.

Bind a nice bow under the ears using your cord or ribbon.

Glue on the cabochon to give the bunny a cute tail.

Gift wrapping: Easter bunny

Decorate according to your taste!

Gift wrapping: Easter bunny

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