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Review: Simple handbag tutorial

It’s been a while since I wrote a review so here is one. Some time ago I stumbled upon a tutorial on simple handbag that I really recommend to anyone who is new to the handbag making. 

The tutorial is in Slovak, free and you can find it HERE.

With it you’ll be able to make a basic small handbag with overlap, one buckle, one inside pocket and one outside zipper pocket. It can carry a purse and a wallet, my keys and glasses and that’s about it.

If you’re a complete beginner I recommend you to follow the tutorial exactly. It will teach you the basic principles like the corner tucks, pockets or the handle. I made just two small changes – the handle of my purse has a slightly different length, I measured it so that it fits me exactly. The other change is the buckle belt which seemed a bit short to me so I made it longer and didn’t finish stitching it until after I was done with the whole bag. Then I filled the handbag and made the belt long enough to be able to close the handbag full.

I decorated the handbag with textile buds and leaves, those are my own, no tutorial.

When you’ve mastered the basic things, you can use the same pattern and alter the handbag. I made another one which is the same in principle – it has an overlap and the same pockets – however, it’s much much bigger and has two buckles. I will show that one to you some other time.

Happy sewing and here are a few photos:

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