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Homemade Oat Make-up Remover with Rose Water

I often don’t have time to use any make-up and when it comes to taking it off, there’s even less time. And I’m not even speaking about the whole evening skincare, with my kids I basically don’t have much of an evening skincare routine and if I try to have some, there’s usually one kid assisting me by going through my bathroom drawer, another one using the products on her hair (no matter what they are) and the youngest one just hanging on my leg. So I need to be fast. Really fast. A while ago I started mixing this great Oat Make-up Remover with Rose Water which is basically a facial cleanser and it’s nutritious as well.

oat remover

There’s a reason why oat is used in eczema treatments. It soothes the skin and it’s overall a great help in the skin care department. Add a few more nutritious ingredients and you get a great make-up remover and evening skincare in one.

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As always, the price depends on several factors like the price of electricity and the shop you get your supplies from as prices can differ quite a lot. If I count only the price of the supplies (except the bottle because I use glass bottles and mason jars I already have), I make 260 ml od oat make-up remover for about 104,5 CZK which is about 4,9 USD / 4 EUR / 3,6 GBP. The most expensive item is the emulgator so if you use a cheaper one it could lower the price of the final product significantly. However, I use OliveM 1000 because I have good experience with it and this emulgator is used in BIO skincare products.


  • 50 g of oat flakes
  • 400 g of distilled water
  • 100 g of rose water
  • 7 g of wheat sprout oil
  • 16 g of sweet almond oil
  • 20 g of OliveM 1000 emulgator
  • 1,3 g of Cosgard preservative
  • bottle or jar
  • electrical whish or blender

I have already mentioned the beneficial effects of the oat. The rose water is also widely used in skin care for its potent soothing and cleansing effect. The sweet almond oil is very mild (that’s why it’s a component of many baby products) and helps the skin regenerate. Also, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin. TheĀ wheat sprout oil is good fod all skin types and it’s excellent for tired skin. As I mentioned, OliveM is an emulgator and we need that for the oils and water to combine. AndĀ Cosgard is a preservative without which a product containing water wouldn’t last more than a day or two (after that it starts developing mold if there’s no preservative).

How to Make the Oat Make-up Remover with Rose Water

oat remover

Soak the oat flakes in water for a few hours. Then strain and squeeze out as much as much liquid as you can and weight 120 g of the infusion, that’s how much you’re going to use. Then mix this with the rose water and this is the water base for your make-up remover.

oat remover

Put the oils and emulgator in a cup and let it melt in water bath. Meanwhile, heat the water base on more or less the same temperature, even in the microwave.

Pour both bases together and start blending or whisking immediatelly until all combines in an emulsion. Then add the preservative, mix a little and pour it into a bottle or a jar.

If you see small pieces of the emulgator even after you melted and blended it, you’ll need to heat it up again. The water bath might not be enough but you can pop it into the microwave for a few seconds and it should do the trick.

How to use and store the product

Use the oat make-up remover like any other – put a little on a cotton pad.

I don’t keep it in the fridge because the remover tends to become solid in low temperatures. The same thing happens in a cold room. However, this is not a problem, you just need to heat it up again.

If you used the right amount of preservative and good quality supplies, the shelf-life of your make-up remover should be several months.




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