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Knickers Embroidery

Why embroider knickers, you ask? Why not, I say! Besides being quite a funny project the knickers embroidery can also be a great gift. You can embroider a cushion a shopping bag…or even use it as an applique for a t-shirt.

knickers embroidery knickers embroidery

I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial and the whole process as much as I did and if you like to embroider, I have some really interesting tutorials like the Amish Stumpwork or this Embroidered Llama.


knickers embroidery

– embroidery hoop (mine is 25 cm/9.8 in)

– black embroidery thread (I used polyester but cotton will work fine as well)

– embroidery needle (or just a sewing needle)

– piece of black tulle

– canvas

– scissors

optional: paper and pencil

How to make the Knickers Embroidery

Knickers shape

knickers embroidery

like to start with a fast sketch.

knickers embroidery

I use the sketch as a template to cut out the knickers from the tulle, I recommend you to do the same. Place the tulle shape onto the canvas which you’ve previously fastened in the hoop.

knickers embroidery

Thread on a single thread and start stitching on the edges of the knickers.

knickers embroideryknickers embroidery

Do a simple backstitch (forward on the wrong side and back on the right side or opposite, it doesn’t really matter).

knickers embroidery

Stitch along the whole shape.

knickers embroidery

Pull the needle to the right side where you started, this time with double thread. Pull the needle under and across the backstitch, you want to twist the double thread around the single thread.

knickers embroidery

Continue twisting around the whole shape except the two short sides where the hips are.

knickers embroidery

When you’re finished it should look something like in the photo.

French Knot

knickers embroidery

Create the little dots using French knot. Single-thread your needle and pull it to the right side.

knickers embroidery

Twist the thread several times around the needle like you see in the photo. I use 7 twists for these knots.

knickers embroidery

Pull the needle (with the thread twisted around it) right next to where it came out.

knickers embroidery

Pull on the thread until it created a little knot. French knots are supposed to be a little tighter but for this project I actually liked making them a little messy.

Keep on making knots until you’re happy with the decoration.


Now we want to create a little lace around the legs.

Using the backstitch embroider triangle-like shapes where the legs will be.

Start with smaller ones in the center and make them a little larger as you get further.

Decorate the triangles with more French knots from the previous step. I used 3 twists for these knots.

Don’t forget to embroider lace around both legs.

Body Shape

Now we’ll be using backstitch.

Embroider the cheeks.

Also in the knickers to make the embroidery more realistic.

Then the legs and hips (I actually had to re-do a little the short sides of the knickers because I had made them too straight).

And also the back.


It’s nice to add some hair falling on the back, so again with the backstitch, first make just lines.

Twist the double-thread around those lines just like you did around the sides of the knickers.

Add some more hair, you can make it all fall in one direction or some hair-strands can cross, just make the hair properly thick.

knickers embroidery

You’re done!

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