Last moment costume: SPIDER

I underestimated the preparation for the previous carnival season. In my defense, it was the first time I had to tackle three costumes instead of two. Fortunatelly, my youngest didn’t really care about what he was going to wear and so I didn’t need to feel bad for choosing the spider costume as a last moment option. And I must say, he was the cutest little spider I’ve ever seen!

Our girls would like to have a new costume every year. We’ve managed so far without buying any but that also means that I was making 100 % of them and the more children one has the more difficult that is. That’s why I like to look for ways to make the costumes easy from things we have at home.

The spider costume is ideal if you don’t have much time but want to create something original and cute for your toddler. Moreover, the costume can be taken apart and we can continue using most of the material.

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  • baby onesie with long sleeves
  • 4 socks
  • package of cotton
  • matching thread and needle

spider costume

How to make the Spider Costume:

spider costume

Fill the socks with cotton as much as you can.

Sew the sock with their open ends to the backside of the onesie and in pairs, just like in the photo. Now you have the extra two pairs of spider legs.

Sew each sock of the upper pair to the corresponding arm sleeves in two places – closer to the end of the sleeve and one closer to the body. Then sew the socks from the second pair to the first pair.

Now when the socks are attached, when your toddler moves his/her arms, the extra legs will move, too.

Put your little one in the onesie and be charmed by the spider cuteness!


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