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Melted Crayon Cards

Melted crayon crafts are super popular now, of course I couldn’t stay behind!

melted crayon

Crayon art is IN! Whether it’s melted crayon, drawing with crayons or other. You can find so many melted crayon art ideas online that I believe this craft is truly for everyone because there are so many great ideas to pick from.melted crayon

At the beginning of every school year I have to get my kids new art class supplies which means I get to keep their half-used watercolors, crayons and more for my own projects. Last year crayons are always broken and there are pieces too small to draw with. This year me and my eldest daughter used them to make cards for her friends.

By the way, if you like making cards, you might like my tutorial on the Scratch-off card or this 3-D flower card.

We’ll be heating crayons so I consider this a craft for adults and older children under supervision.

Disclaimer: This tutorial can contain affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission for each sale which helps me keep this blog running.

melted crayon melted crayon melted crayon

Can the Melted Crayon Card break?

If you’ve ever made or seen a melted crayon artwork, you know that the melted crayons will make a solid layer. And just like crayons, this layer can break, more easily, in fact, since it’s a thin layer. However, there are several things you can do to prevent your crayon art from breaking. First on all, the fragility of your work will depend on the paper. I don’t recommend using a printing machine paper, that’s too light. I always use heavy-weight art paper and if I wanted to make a painting to hand on my wall, I’d use canvas. Second, you have to manipulate your artwork accordingly. You can take it in your hands, put it in an envelope or hang in on the wall but you cannot bend or even fold the card or the melted crayon layer will break.


  • heavy weight paper
  • pieces of crayon
  • a little stick glue
  • hair dryer
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • optional: pen, rhinestones, anything else for decoration

How to make Melted Crayon Cards

Make Stencils

Each card will have a corner to write a short message into, the rest of the card can be as covered in crayon and decoration as you wish.

So the first thing you need to do is to cut out the shape of the stencils for the corners. Trace any shape you like in a corner of one sheet (trace the shape and cut it out). I find that simple shapes work best.

Place the stencil in one corner of another sheet that will be your card (but don’t glue it on).

Place and Melt Crayons

Place the crayons around the stencil, apply just a little glue on the bottom of each crayon so the pieces don’t go rolling off the paper when you switch on the hair dryer. Remove the stencil but keep it for later.

Point the hair dryer in the direction you want the color from the crayons to go and switch it on the highest heat. The crayons should start melting in a few seconds.

Move the hair dryer around the paper to make the crayons cover the area you want.

Let it dry completely.


Add any decoration you want – draw little ornaments with a pen, glue on some rhinestones, add glitter…

melted crayon

Write your message on the stencil and glue it in the corner.

melted crayon melted crayon

And that’s it, now you have cards to give to your loved ones!

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