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Watermelon Ice Pops

100% healthy homemade  watermelon ice pops!

watermelon ice pops

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No doubt summer is the time of ice cream, ice pops and popsicles. If I didn’t check how much of it my kids eat, it would be liters of ice cream every day. That’s why I try to make ice cream at home as much as I can. We used to make the Elderberry-ginger popsicles a lot and this year we decided to try the watermelon ice pops. Melon is an easily accessible fruit for us in summer and it gives the kids plenty of liquids. These ice pops are easy to make but require some time.


watermelon ice pops

  • mold for 6 ice pops
  • aprox. 320 g/11.3 oz of watermelon
  • 160 g/5.6 oz of kiwi (2 pcs)
  • 6 full teaspoons of white yoghurt or viili, which is what I use
  • blender
  • sieve

As you can see, I don’t add any sugar. The fruit is naturally sweet. However, if you feel you need to sweeten the popsicles, that’s up to you.



Watermelon ice pops – Recipe

The mold I would recommend for these melon ice pops is THIS one. I am very happy with it because it is a silicon mold which means it’s easy to take the ice pops out individually, you just push a little on the bottom of the pop and it comes loose. No need to wait for them to defrost. If I wanted a larger mold with wooden sticks, I would consider this one.

These melon ice pops have layers and we’re going to start with the largest one – melon. Cut the watermelon into small pieces and blend them smooth.

watermelon ice pops

Pass the liquid through a sieve and into the molds, fill each mold to 2/3. I also scoop the pulp with a teaspoon and add it to the mold.

Place the mold into the freezer for about an hour. Don’t let the melon layer freeze completely, we just need it to be solid enough to hold the next layers and not mix with them.


The next layer is the yoghurt/viili. Put about 1 tsp into each mold and make a nice layer that will cover the whole area. You can add more than one teaspoon if you think that’s too little. And into the fridge for another half hour.

watermelon ice pops

Blend the kiwis smooth and fill the rest of each mold so that there are only few millimeters left for the handle/stick.


Insert the handles/wooden sticks and covers. It’s because of them that we didn’t let the mixture freeze completely – you need to be able to stick the sticks in the mixture. And now you can put them back in the freezer and let the watermelon ice pops freeze completely.

watermelon ice pops

Enjoy the healthy summer treat and check out more of my ice cream recipes.



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