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2 fast ice pops tips

Here is my summer “ace up the sleeve”, two fast ice pops tips that will save you whenever you need to make lots of popsicles fast.

ice pops tips

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I like to make homemade ice cream in summer – the classic ones like vanilla or lemon but also specialties like my Sangria Ice Cream. This summer I went 100% healthy with our frozen treats. I’ve already shared with you my Watermelon Ice Pops. However, what I make much more are the fast versions of popsicles because I can make a whole lot of them pretty fast. And they’re fruity and healthy.

Yoghurt Ice Pops

zmrzlinové tipy

I actually don’t use yoghurt for these, I use viili but you can use yoghurt, quark cheese or sour cream. The other ingredient is blended fruit or homemade marmalade.

As for the mold, I recommend THIS one. I am very happy with it because it is a silicon mold which means it’s easy to take the ice pops out individually, you just push a little on the bottom of the pop and it comes loose.

And how to make these ice pops? Just mix the yoghurt and fruit and fill the molds with it. I need about 2 full 300 ml cups to fill these six molds.

Fruity “Calippo”

zmrzlinové tipy

You probably know the elongated fruity watery ice pop, in my country it’s called calippo and it’s the favorite of many kids. I was so excited when I accidentally found out that there are silicon molds for this!

I chose these molds and I’m so happy with them! The lid is attached to the mold so you can’t loose it, the silicon is thick so the mold maintains its shape and as the ice cream melts it won’t soak the mold like it does with the paper. Making these ice pops is the easiest thing – you just need fruit juice (I use fresh 100% juices, mostly orange), put the lid on and let it freeze. My kids love the ice pops and the only downside is that one package contains only six molds so I’m going to have to buy more 😉

Did you enjoy my ice pops tips? Let me know if you’ve tried them!

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