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Homemade Sangria Ice Cream

Summer heat is the ideal time to make homemade ice cream! My Sangria ice-cream is the best refreshment and you can make it easily at home without needing an ice cream machine.

sangria ice cream

I really like making homemade ice-cream and since I’ve bought my food processor it’s so easy! Waiting for the fruit to freeze is the most time-demanding part of the process but after that it’s a question of minutes. And the kids love it! This ice cream is inspired by the Spanish cuisine and specifically, the drink called Sangría.

sangría zmrzlina

Sangría is a cocktail made from red wine, a little liquor, citrus soda and with lots of fruit. However, I make ice creams especially for my kids and so the majority of it is without alcohol. I will show you how I make the version with alcohol and the alcohol-free as well.

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  • fruit: watermelon, grapes, apples, banana, orange
  • food-grade glycerine
  • honey
  • red wine
  • just a little of licor – brandy, vodka…
  • food processor
  • plastic box to store the ice cream

Fruit: this is the typical fruit for sangria but you can add also peaches, apricots or any other you have. Your fruit should be very ripe. Glycerine is important for the alcohol-free ice cream – it prevents the ice crystals and thus the ice cream from freezing like…well, like a piece of ice. Honey is a sweetener and it also helps a little with keeping the ice cream soft. The riper your fruit is the less honey you need. Wine is important for the alcohol version of the ice cream even if you don’t use any liquor. If you do use it, add just a very little. All alcohol also helps keep the ice cream soft. Food processor is a great thing to have if you want to make homemade ice cream, however, you can use a kitchen blender as well, it’s just a little less practical.

I don’t give you the exact amounts because it’s all kind of “add to taste”. Even the amount of glycerin can vary a lot depending on the type of fruit and the water content. I use about 150 ml of glycerine for an almost full food processor if I don’t use any alcohol at all. If you add alcohol, add it little by little, just a few spoons and a whole lot of fruit because we only want to potentiate the taste of the fruit, not make ice cream that tastes like alcohol.

Sangria Ice Cream Recipe

sangria ice cream

Peel the fruit and dice it. Let it freeze over night. Some fruit might need less but over night is to be sure.

sangria ice cream

Put the frozen fruit pieces in the food processor and start blending it until you see crumbles. Then keep adding the other ingredients and, of course, keep blending.

sangría zmrzlina

Keep the machine on until the ice cream is nice and smooth without any chunks of fruit. When you scoop it it should have the typical ice cream texture. Keep the food processor on for some more time and every now and then change the speed to lower. This will make the ice cream fluffy.

sangría zmrzlina

Serve immediately and keep the rest of the sangria ice cream in your freezer.

sangría zmrzlina

You can decorate it with fruit.

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