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Cherry Sorbet with 4 Kinds of Pepper

Summertime is ice-cream time and that’s why I bring you this recipe for a cherry sorbet with 4 kinds of pepper, a great summer heat refreshment!

cherry sorbet

Since I’ve got my food processor making ice-creams and sorbets is something I do very often. All the fruit we don’t eat fresh goes straight in the freezer and then into the food processor. My kids are excited and me as well because now many more of our ice treats are healthy. Good ice-cream can me made in a blender, too but it’s more word. So if you’re a fan of homemade ice-creams and sorbets, invest into a food processor.

Don’t be afraid of the pepper. It’s used to intensify the taste of the fruit. I use a mixture of four kinds of pepper because each one tastes and smells a little different and the mixture is more interesting than using just one kid.

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cherry sorbetSupplies

  • 0,5 kg/17.6 oz of cherries without stones
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • 100 ml/3.4 oz of food-grade glycerin
  • 1/4 tsp of mixture of white, black, red and green pepper
  • some chocolate for topping (hard chocolate for grating or melted chocolate)
  • food processor
  • container to store the sorbet

As I’ve already said, the pepper intensifies the taste of the cherries. You can use more, for me this is enough. The glycerin is used in ice-creams and sorbets because it prevents the ice crystals and thanks to it the sorbet word freeze stone-hard. Honey does the same, just less and I use it as a sweetener.

How to make the Cherry Sorbet

Leave the cherries in the freezer to freeze properly, over night is best.

Put the frozen cherries in the food processor, add the other ingredients and switch in on a lower speed.

Then switch to higher speed and only occasionally switch back to lower speed.

Keep mixing until the sorbet is smooth with just liny pieces of the cherry skin. Taste and if you think it needs more of an ingredient, add it and mix for a while longer.

třešňový sorbet třešňový sorbet

Put the sorbet in some nice cups and decorate with grated or melted chocolate. Put any leftovers in a suitable container and keep in the freezer.

I hope you liked this recipe and that now you’re craving some cherry sorbet with pepper!

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