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Prepare for the 2nd wave – different face masks to protect yourself from covid

It seems that covid-19 isn’t going away any time soon. Countries all around the world register increasing numbers of infected people and we can only guess what the second wave will look like. However, we know more than we did several months ago, and we know that prevention makes a big difference. Social distancing, washing hands and wearing face masks especially indoors has proven effective.

You can sew your own face mask easily at home, some types even in hand in case you don’t have a sewing machine. We bring you tutorials and pattern on different types or masks with different ways to tie. There are masks pleated from up as well as from the center, non-pleated mask and really large masks. And we haven’t forgotten those who need to see our face to better communicate, we have a tutorial on a transparent mask and a mask with a window. There’s also something for your beard – the pattern and tutorial on a mask with a beard pocket.

Our tutorials will also show you how to insert a filter pocket into a mask or how to insert a wire at the bridge or the whole upper side of a pleated mask or a non-pleated mask. You fill learn how to do a quick fix of your mask and we have here a fun tip for masks with a greeting or a dog snout.

If your ears are sore from wearing a mask you will probably like our tutorial on the ear saver and last but not least, there is an easy tutorial on an effective hand sanitizer.

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